Ask Jenny about unruly pieces of hair sticking out.

Happy Tuesday! Today is my "Ask Jenny" post. This weeks question is from a lovely viewer from Germany named Melanie. She enclosed a photo of her lovely self but didn't want me to share with the rest of the world, so at least I got to see what her dilemma was. Here is what she wrote in:

About one year ago I had to have a pretty big surgery and due to blood loss and just the sheer impact it has on the body, I lost a lot of hair. I didn't get bold spots, but you could say that every other hair just fell out. It got really thin compared to what it used to be. Now that I've recovered the hair is growing back and although I am more then delighted to see that my body is working and I will have my thick hair back....the new hair is driving me crazy. I have long straight hair with just a tad of a natural wave. The new hair makes me look like I'm wearing a shimmer of a helmet. It's hard to explain but I think you can imagine what I mean? I send a photo (please ignore my face ;))  where you can see at least the front new hairs (that spot was and is the worst)...but basically I have that all over my head. The new hair just doesn't blend in with the old hair but sticks out in every direction. . I'm afraid that the only thing I can do is cut my hair really short....but I really really do not want to. I do believe that short hair does not fit to the form of my face.  I'm hoping you have some styling or miracle tip that can get my hair to blend in a bit better? obviously pulling my hair up won't work because that makes the new hair stick out even more.....but I just can't think of any styling that would help this disaster." ~Melanie

Melanie, thank you so much for you question! And I'm soooo flattered to have a viewer all the way from Germany!! So, this is a tough question. Judging from your description and the picture you showed me, it looks like you have some short hairs that are growing back and are out of control. 

Melanie, you do have some options. You are a gorgeous girl and judging from the photo you sent me, could defiantly get away with a short hair cut if you were wanting to go that route. In my professional opinion, I would say take it to mid-length and try to stick it out for awhile, not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure....but in the situation, patience is key. 

See, the dilemma is that the short hairs are way to short and stick up ever which way. Once you get some length to your hair, your hair will naturally have some weight to it so that it will stay down. Unfortunately, there isn't a "miracle" product to make it behave in the meantime, but, you do have some options. You could always use a wax or pomade to add weight to the unruly pieces and make them properly behave. Try to go for a lite weight wax, as the heavy waxes out in the market could tend to make you hair weighted down and lead to looking greasy.

Other options would be is clipping it down. Its pretty close to the front of your hair line, have you tried clipping it down with a bobbi pin? Or even twist some hair in front of it towards the back to hide the unruly pieces?

And last but not least, keep up on eating a healthy balanced diet, and load up on vitamins. Check out my  post to get some ideas of some foods you can eat that will promote your hair to grow. 

I hope I helped a little, this was a really tough question. I really wish you the best and I hope that you keep me updated on how it grows out for you. But I'd say try to stay patient, don't stress about it, (it will make it worse) take vitamins, and use a wax to help hold those bad boys in place. 

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