Natural Hair Care Remedy Time!!

 OK, so I'm a complete obsessed health nut, I take a tbsp of apple cider vinegar a day in a cup of water and guzzle it down. Thinking YUCK!!! Yup, its pretty nasty, but has so many wonderful benefits for your body and skin. Since I drink it on a regular basis and had it readily in my fridge, I decide to test out it for this months natural hair remedy. 

A lot of people claim that it can do wonders for the hair not just your body. Apparently it can do wonders for limp non shiny hair, dandruff and can give it softness. Yup, sounds like a miracle product right!? I figure I'm the perfect candidate for this one, as my hair is fine, blonde and shine less (unless I use my expensive shine products.)

OK, so how does this treatment work? Hmmmm, I have no freaking idea, but I've read you shampoo, then apply as a conditioner when wet. I put a cup of the vinegar in a shallow bowl and poured into my hair after I shampooed. Burrrrrr, now it was freezing and a little stinky, but I made it happen. I found it was helpful having the bowl, after pouring a little into my hair, I'd catch any vinegar that didn't absorb and reused it. I then let it sit on my hair for a few minutes and rinsed. 

At this point, to be honest, I thought my hair was going to feel dry and I would need to put a conditioner on it. Well, I was totally wrong. To my amazement, it totally worked!!! My hair was smooth, and silky. I then got out of the shower and let it naturally air dry so I could see the true effects it had on my hair. Ummm...Check out the photos your self. It looks pretty darn good for no product or iron to it. 

It felt well conditioned, had tons of shine and I had a little extra bounce in my step. Apparently it works awesome for dandruff, but since I don't have dandruff, I couldn't put that one to the test. Boo!


Later on the day, I met up with a friend, who I forgot to ask if I smelt like vinegar. But, my hair still looked pretty good for not being styled. I defiantly recommend this natural remedy at home! And, if you are brave...take a tbsp of it in some water daily to get some amazing health benefits. Don't believe me? Google it, and then you too will believe. wink..wink..

Will you try this treatment at home?