More than a trim.

OK, so today I'm going to be a little over dramatic. Six years ago I started to grow out my hair, I had done almost everything imaginable to my locks and wanted to feel long gorgeous hair again. With patience, dedication, trims, vitamins and all the above, my hair grew to mermaid length just in time for my wedding 4 years ago. Since then, I've had several different tones of colors to my hair, and variations of long layers, but hadn't gone the short route again. After starting my blog a few months ago, I took a few inches off, but wanted to keep some length so I could do hair tutorials. Well, the other day, I had a total epiphany. I AM FREAKING BORING!! I've always been every one's Ginny pig when it came to trends and styles, I love the long hair trend, but had to jump on the bob/mid-length trend asap.

Now, the trend I'm talking about isn't just the bob trend. It's all about minimalistic layers and blunt ends. I also wanted to do something edgy and I started wearing it to a deep side part with volume. Yup, with volume. 90's ring a bell? With the 90's side part, it keeps it more interesting than just a mid-length cut. Here are a few photos of my new hair cut. I used a large 1 3/4 curling iron to add some bend to the texture. With this length, I just wanted barely there curl. Its not super extreme, but I just freaking love it! Now, you might be asking yourself, "What will she do for tutorials?" Well, I have a few I've done that I haven't released yet, and guess what!? I'm going to do some short haired tutorials for awhile for all my peeps with short to mid-length hair. Holla!!

Now, keep in mind with the pictures below, I am no super model, nor am I trying to be a fashionista. I'm just purely sharing with you all how I pulled this look off. I paired my 90's inspired side part off with a thrifted denim vest, mullet dress with some ankle combat boots I got off of Enjoy!! Will you be changing your look soon?

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