Ask Jenny About Dry Shampoos

Every Tuesday of the week, I'm here to answer your hair questions. If you have a question that you are dying to know, please don't hesitate to ask. I want to add that I got a hair question from a gal from Germany that I was going to answer today, and it seems that I have lost her email. Cute girl from Germany, do you mind emailing me again? I'm so, so sorry!!! 

OK, so today's question is from Rachel Christiansen from New York,Rachel wrote in:

"Jenny, what are some good brands of Dry Shampoo's to use and how to use them properly. Because I always end up with it sticking to my scalp and making me look like an ad for a Head and shoulders ad."

Well, this is an excellent question Rachel. While there are tons of wonderful dry shampoos out on the market, I have my own personal favorites I would recommend. I'd recommend TiGi's Rockaholic Dry Shampoo as well as TiGi's Session Series Dry Shampoo. Both of these are very affordable as well as excellent Dry Shampoos.

Now, as far as looking like an ad for head and shoulders, that probably comes from how you apply your dry shampoo. When applying Dry Shampoo's you want to make sure that you spay it 8-10 inches away from your scalp. Dry shampoos are very highly concentrated products, so if you spray to close to your scalp, it can make the product be overly thick or it can add too much product, in a concentrated area. There fore, clumping or potentially flaking. 

A foul prof way of using Dry Shampoos, is use it with a blow dryer. My trick to this, is blow dry your hair on a low air    setting, while spraying the Dry Shampoo. This will allow the    Dry Shampoo to evenly be distributed, instead of sprayed in one area. 

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