Maka HairShow 2012

How was every ones weekend? Mine was busy, but amazing! Saturday, I had a full day of doing hair inside the salon and on Sunday, myself along with many of my ever so talented hairdresser friends, went to a hair show by Maka Beauty Supply, at the Talking Stick Casino in North Scottsdale. Hair shows are usually a place were we learn new techniques and trends, but this was cool because I got to see so many hairdressers that I've known over the years, that I got to reconnect with. I felt like it was a hairdresser reunion to me, instead of a hair show.

 At the show, there were tons of vender's and talented celebrity stylist that were representing the product line they use and work for. Inside the convention, there was four different rooms which hosted the speakers. Some of my favorite's of the day were Kim Vo, and Kevin Hughes with Moroccan Oil.

The picture above is of celebrity stylist Kim Vo and from left to right is Selena Demarco, Me, Kim, Veronica Peebles and Cheryl Mueller. Everyone was totally making fun of me for wanting my picture with Kim, but I just had to. I know, dorky. But I don't care. 

I didn't learn much about fall trends, but more about techniques and different fun tools that are coming out. While I was there, I picked up an enzo milano reverse curl stick, which is suppose to give you a finger wave type of curl. Unfortunately, it has to be shipped to me, but when it does, I can't wait to get my hands on it. And, don't you worry, I'll do a review on it in no time. It may just be, a must have tool. ;)

Kim Vo, was all about Schwarzkopf's new blonde shades. He did a lot of root shading, and says that he is seeing a lot of softer variations of the Ombre with blondes, which he calls the "Sombre." The other favorite speaker of mine was Kevin Hughes for Moroccan Oil. He demonstrated some fun red carpet and run way styles in the photo I took below. Fun right? 

How was everyone else's weekend?