Ask Jenny about Fall Trends

So this weeks question is from Courtney in Scottsdale, AZ. She asked what the fall trends are. Which is an excellent question. I did a couple fall trends posts on Burnettes as well as fall blondes. But now, lets touch on all the trends as a whole. But, before I get started, I want to teach you how to figure out trends on your own if you are the trendy type. 

Upcoming season styling trends usually come from the runway a season before. So, the photos below are images from NYFW Fall 2012 collection that was released back in spring. Now, that's no big secret, but, I will say sometimes things don't always catch on. I can't tell you how many times I've read big time magazines claiming that the newest trend is sleek hair or something, because it was on the runway, but it's not appealing to the everyday trendsetter. Its purely "editorial." So now that you know my opinion about so called hair trend forecast off the runway, here are a few trends released last spring, that I feel have caught on and are very appealing to the everyday or trendy woman.

Pictures below, courtesy of

Fringes! They are very hot right now, but than again, they always are. I love me some fringe.

Dramatic side parts are in and straight off the runway.

Sleek straight hair and fall shades of color such as rich Browns, Carmel's and deep Reds.

Icy Blonde's are hot this Icy winter.

High sleek pony's can do no wrong this winter. So chic!

Messy and low volume waves are still sizzling, even though its getting cold outside.

Now, that I have shared some fun photos off the runway, I want to share some celebrity looks that are hot right now. Now, I do love my runway trends, the best way to see whats hot for fall is to read gossip mags. Yup, I said it. Read up on our your trashy celebrity gossip. You can just justify to your significant other that you are doing research on finding out whats trending at the moment. See, just because runway hair may "predict" what might be trending, the celebrities really help set it off. Here are some hot looks for fall that I think is totally on trend point.

Pictures below, courtesy of Harpers

Deep crimson reds and angled bobs are very popular for fall this year. I just adore this color because it just screams fall,fall,fall!! 

Carmel highlights to add brightness but still give that fall look on Eva is very flattering. Also, notice her grown out fringe look. This look is really popular at the moment and I just love it. It kinda gives it a seventies feel that you can do no wrong with.

Blunt bangs, and long layers on Jessica is defiantly trending this fall. The blunt fringe gives it an edge while the long layers help balance it out. Notice her softer ombre, as ombre is making it way out, soft settle tones have taken it place. I think its a perfect way to ease out of the trend.

Boy short cuts are hot, hot, hot!! Isn't Anne the cutest!? Loving her rich brown color.

Loving Cameron's bombshell Blonde bob with slight texture. We are seeing tons of variations of bobs this season, and I might just jump on this trend myself.

Razored bob, it give lots of separation, while making the typical bob a bit edgy.

Pixie cut, Rhianna is so extremely gorgeous do I need to say more?

Obsessed with this trend!! Love this length right now because almost anyone can pull it off, and its just plain sexy! Plus, her honey hues are gorgeous!

Loving long wispy layers. Even though I'm pretty sure Kate has extensions, I'm loving the low volume messy wave and layers in her hair. 

Now that you know what I see that are trending for fall, will you be changing your hair for fall??