Ask Jenny about Hair Color

Hello there, and welcome to my "Ask Jenny," Tuesday post. This weeks question comes from a viewer named Stacey Headley who is 25 years old, lives in Michigan and works as a administrative assistant in a medical office. She has been an awesome viewer of mine for awhile. Stacey wrote in:

        Hi Jenny!
I love your blog - everything from the tutorials to the Q&A to the photos of your work with clients. Thanks so much for sharing your hair tips and showcasing your wonderful work!

I have a question for your Tuesday Q&A posts. I have never dyed or highlighted my hair, only permed it once when I was high school, and I rarely blow dry aside from the occasional split ends and natural highlighting from the sun, my hair has very little damage. Recently though, I've been thinking about dying it a darker brunette color. How much damage do you think this would this cause my hair? And how much extra upkeep does it take to keep the color looking great?

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions from your readers!


Stacey, thanks so much for following my blog and thanks for you question! Sounds like you currently have some pretty healthy locks. Now, if you were thinking about coloring your hair a darker brunette, I say go for it. Anytime you add color to your hair besides lightening it with a high lift color or bleach, the damage is really limited. See, by adding a darker shade, only penetrates the hair shaft minimally and coats the cuticle. Adding a color will also give you tons of shine, as the color molecules will actually coat the cuticle, therefore smoothing down the hair shaft. When the hair shaft is smooth it reflects light, and that's how you get shine. I say go for it!!

Even though damage is very minimal with a permanent color, if you are that worried, maybe ask your stylist about a semi or demi permanent color. The strength of peroxide used isn't as harsh as a permanent color. Plus, the upkeep is awesome because a demi color doesn't last as long, so you wont have the line of demarcation at your roots. As your hair grows, or will naturally fade a bit and it will allow roots not to have the harsh grow out line. (Line of demarcation.)

 What ever you decide,make sure you get a trim with your color service and be sure to pick up an awesome color safe shampoo and conditioner that's packed with moisture and the damage will be very, very minimal. I'd love to see some before and afters. :) 

I hope this helped Stacey! Do you have a question you would love for me to answer? If so, feel free to email me @