Weekend of Daisies.

How was every one's weekend? Mine was fantastic!! My family and I went up to Pinetop, AZ three hours North of Phoenix to enjoy the cooler weather and the lush Pines. Pinetop is a special place for me and the hubby, it's where we exchanged our wedding vows four years ago.This time of the year is my favorite because its right after a heavy rainy season, and its covered with gorgeous daisies. We go up there as much as we can, but unfortunately we don't make it up there enough. With being a hairdresser, Saturday's have always been my busiest day of the week so its rare that my clients will let me take a Saturday off. I usually book a couple months in advance for my busiest day of the week. I originally was going to go to LA but something came up, so I stayed behind and went up North to take advantage of my Saturday being off.

Here are some fun pictures from over the weekend. To be honest with you, I didn't do much to my hair or think about any new hair tutorials. I'll play makeup and worry about that this week. wink...wink..I did however wear my hair simple and stress free. All weekend I chose to wear it in a low volume wave and it was perfect. Also, notice how my daughter Magnolia Skye is now letting me do her hair! Yay!! I've been growing out her fringe so I've been doing it half up, half down. 

I hope you enjoyed my weekend photo's and every one had a killer weekend!! xo