Ask Jenny......Can products repair split ends?

Today is my "Ask Jenny" post. I love answering all of you lovely ladies (or gentlemens) questions. Today's question came from an awesome viewer named Anna Shroyer from Victorville, California. Anna wrote in:

Do any of the products that claim to repair split ends, actually work?

This is an excellent question Anna! Lets get down & dirty and talk about it. I say...yes and no. But first lets discuss how they are created. Split ends are created when the hair is over worked, distressed, dry, damaged and all of the above. Culprits to damaging our tresses are usually a result of heat damage from usage of flat or curling irons, blow drying, and/or chemical treatments such as hightlights, color, or chemical relaxers. Split ends start with just a little split on the ends and slowly work there way up the hair shaft if not properly managed and trimmed.

Now, with that, we as women are suckers for several companies and their marketing ploys. I know I am, I'm bit of a snob when it comes to fancy bottles, fun names or even so called "miracle" products.  There are tons of products that claim to do this or that, especially products out in the market that swear that they repair split ends. There are several products out there that can seal, treat, strengthen, mend a split end. But lets get real, a split end is split no matter how you look at it. The only way to get rid of those distressed ends is to get a hair cut. Now, with that I believe you can use a quality product to help nourish the damaged end,but there is no miracle product that can repair it completely. It will usually only be temporarily.

But, I don't want to bum you out just yet. Lets go over some products that will help strengthen those nasty ends in between hair visits. Now, I'm sure there are lots of good products out there, but I only talk about products I've touched, smelled, used, loved on a daily basis in order to give you my full professional opinion. Let me break down a few of my favorites. I'm going to do favorite to least favorite and the prices vary for every ones budget.

  • Keratase Fibre Architecte-My all time favorite. A must have!! Highly recommend this one, but its defiantly on the high end of price points, but oh so worth it.  I've been using this stellar product on my hair for weeks now, and it's been making my hair feel soft and silky. This product is a reconstructive serum that helps repair and seal damaged and split ends for every hair type. Its heat activated, so you must use it with a blow dryer or iron. Apply mid-shaft to the ends and let it work fill in the weakened gaps in the hairs fiber, its truly magical. Read HERE for more information about this little gem.

  • Essential repair split end correcting treatment by Pureolgy-This product is on the mid-range as far as price point and its pretty amazing stuff.  It helps seal split ends, rebuild chemically porous hair and reduces breakage.  Smells yummy and apply a pump to two pumps and apply all over. Love!!

  • Ego Boost by TiGi- This is an all around decent product. Its lite weight and leaves the hair feeling soft.  It mends and protects damaged hair by adding strength and elasticity. This product is for penny pincher's. Apply a couple pumps in your hand and apply all over and let it work its magic.

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