Pictures of the week.

So this weeks post on my picture of the week is going to be "pictures" of the week. Ladies, its that ever so fabulous time of the year when New York fashion week is going on. Oh, how I yearn to go someday. Maybe even get a chance to do hair. But, for now, Ill vicariously live through a couple of my makeup friends who get to do what they do best for the fabulous event.

I've been checking out photos and videos everyday from NYFW. I love seeing all the fun fashion and looks for spring, but sometimes feel with the hair, that it's not very wearable for the everyday women. A great, wearable look for the everyday women, that I keep on seeing off and on the runway, is the fun, soft, voluminous glam wave. It's very now, and wearable for many hair textures. I love it because you can change the look by simply using a smaller or bigger curling iron. This look is so incredibly hot right now, and ultra sexy.

 So today's post, I want to inform you, on how you can achieve this gorgeous soft curl. Its not as tousled as beach waves and its not as glamorous as old Hollywood waves, it's somewhere in between. Here are the some photos of the kind of curl I'm going to explain on how to achieve. The pictures on the runway, are from the Billy Reid NYFW Spring 2013 collection.

In the photo below, you see this curl on Nikki Hilton. (The one in the middle)

You also saw this type of curl on Kate Bosworth (far left) 

Absolutely stunning right? So let me break this look down for you. Its going to sound complicated, but its really not. The key here is to position your curling iron the right way, which is holding it horizontally the whole time.

  • Start by blow drying your hair with a lite mousse for volume.
  • Section out 1 to 2inch sections out starting from the back of your hair.
  • Depending on desired tightness of curl, use a 1 1/4 inch or a 1 3/4 inch curling iron on medium heat, work your iron parallel to your parting holding iron horizontal and clamp near the roots while slowly working in the rest of your hair. 
  • When you get to the hair at the ends, hold in place for a sec or two. Then release.
  • Work this technique until you run out of sections.
  • Use a dab of a smoothing serum or elixir through your hair, mid-shaft to your ends for lots of shine and to help relax the curl. 
  • Add a lite weight serum or elixir to add shine and smooth your ends.
Will you try this glam wave?

Are you yearning to know a certain style, but can't quite figure it out? Or have you been feeling creative with your hair and dying to share with someone? If so, send your high res pics or ideas my way and you might be featured as my "pic of the week." I'm here to help you ladies (or men) of course that have been dying to know how to achieve a certain style or if any of you beautiful gals want to share their fun hair, I'd love to see it.