Get to know me.

Periodically I'm going to do a little "get to know" Jenny post. I originally started my blog for all of my amazing clients, which they basically know everything there is to know about me. They've been through my Rock n Roll party days,my backpacking Europe and stuck with me through my transition into motherhood. But how well do my viewers know me? I've seen these types of posts on so many fun blogs, that I decided I wanted to give my readers a chance to get to know me a little bit better.I don't just want to be Jenny the stylist, I want to be Jenny the person as well. Plus,I hate being so serious all the time and talking about hair every second. If you really knew me, you would know that I'm a big goof ball and I really like to have a fun! So here it goes....

I grew up in a town so nice, they named it twice. I'm from Walla Walla, Washington. The home of the sweet onion. I absolutely loved growing up in a small town, but had to spread my wings at the age of 18 and moved to Portland, Oregon to go to Cosmetology School. These days, Walla Walla is a cooler place to live then when I grew up there.The Valley is known for their wine,and they now have a lot of culture with fun events going on all the time.

I knew I was going to do hair from the moment I can remember anything. My wonderful father was my first client and let me put rubber bands all over his head. I have to find a photo of that! He was the best client ever, always putting up with me.

I used to be a tap dancer. My mother was a tap dance teacher in town, and I tapped my way up to end of middle school. Dorky I know, but I had a ton of fun. Note that I'm totally already rocking a top bun. 

Below is a picture of me around the age of 23 or so. I'm the gal on the left side. You can barely even recognize me. I was about 25lbs heavier. It was due to going out all the time and after the bar closed we would go get late night Del Taco drive thru.It wasn't until I became a vegetarian,stopped drinking so much and started working out, that I started shedding the pounds. To all you young ladies, it will catch up to you some day if you are not careful. I feel so happy and better about myself these days. I look back at old photos and can't believe I let myself go. I can't believe I'm sharing my "FAT" photo. 

I once colored my hair to look like a "Rocket Pop" Popsicle. I still to this day, can't believe my parents said nothing to me when I came home for a weekend from beauty school with over processed, crazy colored, rocket pop hair. I HAVE to find a picture of that one!!

I have a extremely large Angel tattoo on my right arm.It's a one of a kind, designed especially for me. The inspiration came from my favorite artist of all time Alphonse Mucha & a picture of Marilyn Monroe's facial expression holding flowers. I'm not very religious (no offense) but believe in some sort of guardian angels. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life and it represents all the wonderful people who have came into my life and helped me or mentored me. So my tattoo artist gave her wings and she is my Angel. 

When I was 25 I wanted to do some humanitarian work in Donetsk, Ukraine at an Orphanage. So I took a 48 hour train by myself from Poland to Ukraine and about crapped my pants.In my early 20's I thought I was invincible. My daughter will NEVER pull any shenanigans like that! I don't regret it, but now that I'm a lot older, I probably wasn't the best decision. Here's a picture of me and all the orphans. I actually just hung out, played uno and cut their hair. It was a lot of fun and truly a one of a kind experience so I'm glad I made it, but it was scary as heck.

Get a couple of drinks into me, play the song footloose or songs similar and you most likely can get me to slide on my knees across the floor foot loose style. One time around Christmas, I knocked over an entire Christmas Tree in a dive bar, showing off my sweet dance moves. I later got kicked out. Here's a picture to prove that I knee slide. Notice my hair flailing around. haha

I'm an absolute sucker for chick music.I can't get enough of my female vocals. I sometimes feel its my inner emotional Cancer that feels so connected.Some of my favorites are Stevie Nicks, Cat Power, The Concretes, Jade Mcnelis, Rilo Kiley, Pj Harvey and Beach House. Just listen to The Concretes version of Miss you by the Rolling Stones. In my opinion, I feel like it sounds way more emotional then the original and I just love it!

So there you have it. A little about me instead of a little about hair. Do you have anything you want to share about yourself?