Pic of the week....Lovely Viewer Susan

This weeks picture of the week is from Susan from Chicago. This is what she wrote in:

Most days my hair is confined to a bun- This is a direct result of my strong distaste for waking up one second earlier than the last minute possible.  I also ride my bike to work, and that equals two things: Frizz (from sweat and wind) and helmet hair.  So, my typical routine is to wake up, wash my hair in the shower, twist it into a low bun and strap on my helmet.  Once I'm at work and it's 90% dry, I put it in a messy bun and call it good.  I rarely, if ever, take the time to blow-dry, let alone style what's left of my hair.

I say this because to start with, I have very fine hair and very little of it.  To add to this, each spring, like clockwork (or like your dogs spring shed), tons of my hair falls out.  This year it fell out with a vengeance and I am left with hair so thin that most days I can hardly stand to look at it. Basically, I'm a hair(less) mess.

Two great friends of mine invited me to their wedding.  A wedding my boyfriend was hired to photograph (which guaranteed I would be in more than my fair share of photos).  Did I mention my friend was a photographer as well, as are many of her friends? And on top of that, she's one of the classiest, most stylish women I know.  So, now I was going to a stylish woman's wedding with a billion photographers and really, really wanted to look good.  After about 10 tries I had my dress and shoes, but what could I do about the mess on top of my head?  I knew exactly where to go: JENNY! Even though I  now live about 1,500 miles from Jenny, I had been following her 30 day hair challenge religiously and instantly thought of a few styles she had demonstrated that would go with my vision of what I wanted to look like.  I was worried I wouldn't have the volume to pull them off, but I knew it was my best shot at looking great and not defaulting to my usual bun.
Two days before the wedding, I went back through her blog and picked out three styles.  I then showed them to my boyfriend so he could weigh in (poor guy!), but I already knew I wanted the "knotted side updo".  When it was (past) time to get ready, I pulled up Jenny's step-by-step instructions, turned on the Drive soundtrack, and got down to business.  In no time I was out of time, and while I would have normally fussed over where each hair went, this lack of time was exactly what worked to my advantage- All of its imperfection was what made it perfect.  It was exactly what I wanted!

When I arrived at the wedding I had multiple people complement me on my hair, one friend even asked me who I went to to have it done!  My boyfriend (who had suggested I just do my hair as usual) stopped what he was doing to tell me how pretty I looked then and many times throughout that night.  As the evening went on I even had total strangers give me complements.  Of course the wedding wasn't about me, but I loved feeling like at least for that day I looked great from head to toe.  And I have plenty of pictures to prove it!

Thank you, Jenny, for teaching all of us that we ARE capable of having great hair, no matter what type of hair we have!

Gorgeous right? Do you love this style? CLICK HERE for full hair tutorial. 

Are you yearning to know a certain style, but can't quite figure it out? Or have you been feeling creative with your hair and dying to share with someone? If so, send your high res pics or ideas my way and you might be featured as my "pic of the week." I'm here to help you ladies (or men) of course that have been dying to know how to achieve a certain style or if any of you beautiful gals want to share their fun hair, I'd love to see it.