Ask Jenny? Shine dilema

Today is my "Ask Jenny" post. I just started doing this post, and I'm really excited about it. I get questions all the time, so I figured if one of you lovely ladies are having issues or concerns with something, then someone else might as well. Today's question is from a lovely lady named Holly from Huntsville, Alabama..........She wrote in:

"Is there any product that helps coarse hair to be shinier? I have tried EVERYTHING from drug store to bumble and bumble and every brand in between. But I see the kardashian girls and I know their hair is somewhat coarse but its SO shiny! What's the trick??"

First of all Holly, thank you for you question. Sounds like you totally have Kardashian hair envy. They do have fabulous hair, and I'm sure they have a personal hairstylist on call at anytime for them. Would be nice wouldn't it? I'm sorry that you haven't found that "miracle" shine product for you hair. There are tons of little tricks that I encourage you to try so you can get that lustrous Kardashian shine. So lets go over them.

  • Products- I love the Keratase Elixir Ulitime for shine. Apply a couple of pumps in your hair and apply wet or dry. It helps seal the cuticle down, which will reflect light therefore creating tons of shine. Other products I love is Headrush by Bedhead. Its a spray shine that you use in your hair when its dry. I personally like applying this one, by using the blowdryer on cool air setting and spray the headrush all over at the same time. 

  • Hair glaze aka hair gloss-Ask your stylist to do a hair glaze on you. Its like a applying a color without the actual color. Glazes can be used in between color services for added shine and protection. It will add shine by sealing your cuticle. I know there are some over the counter glazes, but unfortunately I have no personal experience with these.

  • Cool water rinse- After every shampoo and condition, use cool water rinse at the end to help your cuticle to lay down. When hot water is used, it actually opens up your hair cuticle which will not allow the cuticle to reflect light, therefore looking dull. So the cold water smooths the cuticle down and reflects light.

I hope this information was helpful for you Holly. Do you have a hair question you are dying to know? If so, feel free to email me or comment below. xo