Summer bun # 4

Hey everyone. Today I'm going to show you how to do the "Rolled" bun. This defintely gives a little pizazz to the normal bun. I hope you like it.

Start with dry hair, clean or dirty.

Comb your hair the direction of where you want to put your bun and add a pony tail. Secure it with a  rubber band.

Split hair in half and roll hair around your finger to create a "barrel" curl.  Secure with a bobbi pin into desired place.

Roll remaining section with your finger and pin into place.

Detail it out to your liking. I pulled some hair out to add a softer look. If you wanted an even softer look you could pull more hair out of your bun. Or, you could even make it sleeker by combing hair direction of your pony and add hairspray. 


There you have it, this is my "rolled" bun and I really hope you enjoyed my bun series. ;)  Stay tuned this week for my YouTube "Milkmaid braid" tutorial. xo