Summer bun # 3

Hey everyone!  I usually do Makeup Monday's, but I feel like that sometimes I don't want to post Makeup tips...etc. I'm not a makeup artist after all. I'm just a makeup loving hair stylist. is  my day 3 summer bun. I call this the looped bun.

Start with dry hair. This particular bun works well with long layers. If you have short layers, it may fall out of the looped bun. 

Comb hair the direction where you want your pony tail to be and secure with a rubber band.

Loop your hair to desired height at the base of you pony. 

Secure with a rubber band.

Take the ends of your hair and wrap around your rubber band and secure with a bobbi pin.

Fan out your looped bun and pin into place with a hair pin.

There you have it. An adorable alternative to the "top knot" bun. I hope you like it!! Have a fantastic day! xo