Secret Sunday.....Dry shampoo

It's no secret that I love dry shampoo. Who doesn't? If you are anything like me, I try to go as long as I can in between shampoos. My hair does really well with dry shampoos and it allows me to go a few extra days before having to wash it again. 

Well, did you know that you can use dry shampoo before your hair is even dirty? Yup, that's right. To add a little extra volume to your hair, you can spray some dry shampoo in dry. Try using a blow dryer and spraying the dry shampoo at the same time all over.  This will give your hair tons of lift by making the texture coarser.

It will also help to prevent your hair from getting oily during the next couple days. Dry shampoo actually soaks up the grease. On top of that, you will be saving money by not using up all your shampoo everyday. Awesome right!? 

Now, you are probably asking yourself, which dry shampoo is the best? There are a lot of dry shampoo's out their on the market and I can say from personal and professional experience that I like the Catwalk & Rockaholic dry shampoo that are both by TiGi. But I'm sure their are tons of other excellent ones. I like theses particular ones because they work wonderfully and are super cheap.

Happy Sunday!! xo