Men's cuts 50's style

So, I'm apart of an awesome book club with a lot of fabulous women. This month, one of the books we are reading is 11/22/63 by Stephen King. At first, I was kinda bummed about it, as I've never been a huge Stephen King fan. Well, surprisingly the book has been remarkably good and has exceeded all of my expectations. 

As a reader, we all try to imagine the characters. Authors try to reach out to their audiences to describe a scene, a person or a mood someone has....etc. The Stephen King book 11/22/63 is a very interesting book, "Jake" the main character is from current time and goes back into the past through what he calls a "rabbit hole" into the the year 1958, to try to change one major event in history, which would be the Kennedy assassination. 

  It's funny how things come back around sooner or later and as I'm reading this book, being the hairdresser I am, I'm imagining these awesome rock and roll hairstyles for men that is all the rage currently. Of course, haircuts back in the 50's were more conservative than what I picture, but a lady can dream, cant she? wink..wink..

So with that, I decided to post some hot "trendy" men's haircuts. These cuts are all a modern take on 50's hair and of course freaking HOT!! Enjoy...purrrr