Vintage hair goodies...

I had to share my findings. How cool are these!? Vintage hair goodies. I found bobbi pins, wave clips and perm rods. I also found some dream glo powder. So cool! I'm obsessed with anything vintage. I don't wear many vintage clothes or anything, I feel like my style doesn't fit into any category. I'm very particular and I like what I like.  I have a 1961 block home that we are remodeling, we are going towards a mid century feel and I grew up being completely obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. So naturally, when I came across these fun little hair goods I got extremely excited like a little school girl. Enjoy!

Bobbi pins are still the same as the were in the 50's! 

I'm sure this "Dream Glo" just makes you super pasty looking.

I can't believe people used to use metal perm rods. So nuts!

This is a bag of perm rods I found.

29cents for some wave clips. Crazy cheap!!