Awesome viewer!!

So I had one of my amazing clients/friends come in the other day and she was sporting one of my styles that I had done in a tutorial on the other month. She texted me before her appointment to tell me that I was going to be proud of her. I sure am! Looks amazing Michelle!

 And, just because I love her so much...I'm going to do a shameless plug on her amazing Memoir.  Here's a little bio on her book. I highly recommend it! It's called Love, Lies and Lessons Learned by Michelle Oeltjen. You can find it on or at the link below.

Michelle thought she had it all when she moved to the big city of Phoenix, Arizona: a new car, a hot boyfriend and a new job that would send her jet-setting around the world. But she soon realizes that not all in life is as it appears to be. Her job is nowhere near as glamorous as she expected, her boss hates her and her boyfriend dumps her shortly after the holidays. 

So when one of her co-worker's, Nick, takes a personal interest in Michelle, she welcomes the attention and soon finds herself in an entangled, fiery affair. Only Nick is harboring secrets so deep that when Michelle begins to uncover them, she isn't sure how to tell the difference between fact or fiction anymore. 

Michelle's life spins out of control as she struggles with her job, rocky friendships and deals with Nick's constant web of lies. On her twenty-eighth birthday, her world completely falls apart when she finally witnesses the ugly truth about Nick and becomes a victim of an attack so violent it nearly costs Michelle her life. She now has to learn how to heal from the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that encompasses her daily life; pain inflicted by a man she once thought she knew and loved. 

Through it all, Michelle learns valuable lessons on how to survive some of the darkest of days she has ever experienced. And while she might not ever discover the secret of life, she does discover someone's purpose in this crazy, chaotic world: hers.