Locks of Love..

So last week I went on a little mini Vacation to my home town of Walla Walla, WA. I usually go home once or twice a year to visit my awesome family and friends.  It was a nice little trip for me and my daughter, my husband stayed home this time. When I was home I did the usual catching up with everyone, wine tasting,visited Walla Walla's downtown and hung out in my parents beautiful backyard.  I had a blast.  My visits usually end with me trying to talk my 17 year old college student nephew into cutting his hair. This time my ploy was he needed to be taken serious by his professors so we should cut it. He didn't really buy it, but he liked the idea of donating it to locks of love.  That a boy Matty! ;)  

For those of you who don't know, locks of love is an non profit organization who makes real human wigs for disadvantaged children. Touching right? There are only a few requirements and my nephew meet all of them. His hair was over 10 inches long, it has not been highlighted with bleach and he had long layers.  It's such a beautiful organization.   I was very touched that my nephew finally cave in to me cutting his locks for these amazing little children. 

If you have long hair and wanting a change, check out the requirements and see if your hair could be a donor. http://www.locksoflove.org/   I bet your stylist will even help you out with it. I have a couple of clients that grow out there hair each year just to donate. So, for some reason if you are wanting a huge make over and meet all the requirements, go for it!!  xo