Secret Sunday...flecks of color

This week I was reminded of a tip I learned through out the years. A wonderful client and I were discussing tones of highlights for the hair, and I remembered a tip I learned awhile back. As a women we often color our hair to complement our skin tone but did you know you can highlight your hair to make your eyes stand out. Sweet, right? I mean, what women doesn't want their hair and eyes to pop?

You are probably asking yourself how does this work, and what I'm talking about. OK, after reading this...go run to a mirror and check this out. Look at your eye color, not just your main eye color but look how your eyes have numerous tones of color to them. These are called "flecks." My eyes are green with hazel, gold, grey and honey flecks in them. Most women have at least 2 to 3 different shades of color in their eyes. So.....what does this have to do with hair color right? Well, my suggestion is that if you want highlights/tones  that will make your eyes pop, you want to choose colors that your eyes already have in them. Depending on what shades your flecks are you might want to do cooler or warmer tones in your hair.

So now you have this information, go check out your eye color in the mirror and ask your stylist to add similar tones to your hair as the flecks in your eye color. You will notice right away how much it makes your eye color stand out. Below I posted some photos of some celebrities that eyes stand out because of their highlights.

Happy Sunday!! xo