Secret Sunday's hair tip...

Summer is here and I'm sure everyone is going to be looking for ways to cool down. I know I will be!! I live in Arizona and the summer sometimes feels unbearable. Luckily everywhere you go in Arizona there are pools. Unfortunately, when you swim a lot your hair can become dry, brittle and tangled. Every wonder why? Well...its most likely because pools can have hard water, chlorine and chemicals in them which leave an awful build up. Plus, the sun can produce some harmful UV rays.  So whats the answer? Clarifying shampoo, leave in conditioner with a UV protectant and take a dip in the pool with your hair wet.

Clarifying shampoo will actually help remove the build up from pool. The only catch is most of them aren't color safe. See clarifying shampoos are like hair strippers. The strip out all of the deposits, including color and hair product. But if you hair is color free, go for it. 

Leave in conditioner will help because it won't let your hair absorb as much of the harsh chemicals in the pool. Plus, most leave in conditioners have UV protectant in it, which will help protect your hair from harmful rays. Keratase actually has an amazing UV protective product called Aqua Seal. Aqua seal actually seals the hair with a waterproof veil to protect your hair against harmful UV rays and water aggressors.  

Last but not least is, get your hair wet. See, if your hair is wet before taking a dip your hair won't absorb as much of the pool water in the cuticle. So what you can do is take a spray bottle with you to the pool and lightly mist your hair before taking a dip. It's as simple as that. So if today is sunny and you want to take a dip, don't forget your before and after pool hair care. xo :)