Flash back!!

I'm re posting the day 1 hairstyle in my 30 day hair challenge because my site got a little face lift and the post was in the wrong area. If you are just joining me and want to check out some awesome, easy hair tutorials refer to my hair tutorials page. or check out my archives.  Happy Wednesday!! xo

I used the Enzo Milano 1inch curl stick but you could get away with using a 1inch hot tools curling iron on the top heat. 

Products used was the Masterpiece hairspray by bedhead

Start with 100% dry hair.  You can air dry or blowdry.  If your hair is resistant to curls I would suggest apply some lite spray gel when you blowdry.

Take 2inch sections and spray hairspray before curling your hair.

You want to wrap your hair going away from the face.  In order to achieve this look you must curl the hair in one direction.  I always go away from the face.

Countinuing in the same direction.  I'm curling away from the face.

Continuing away from the face

Fully curled

Now comb out curls with a large comb or paddle brush.  Its important you comb downwards in order to keep curl pattern.

Where the curl in your hair dips (waves) in, place comb in the dip and push upwards and spray a little hairspray.

Continue to work throughout the hair with your comb and hairspray.

There you have it.  Day 1 hairstyle.  Hope you like it!!!  Its a modern take on finger waves.  If you wanted larger waves all you have to do is use a larger curling iron.  Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you have any at all. Thanks for checking out my hair blog.  Make today great!! xo