Don't suffer Summer hair.

I've never fully understood why every summer the salon slows down tremendously. I mean sure, clients go on vacation and if they have kids, their schedule picks up as they are usually running around left and right. But, does that really mean you shouldn't get you hair done? Is it not a priority anymore? Believe me, I totally get it. With my daughter Magnolia, I'm super slammed running around all the time. But I encourage everyone not to let their hair suffer this summer. If anything, this is the time to get your hair trimmed more often as with these hot summer days come, so do you split ends. 

For short hair, I recommend getting your haircut every 4-6 weeks. For longer lengths I recommend 6-8 weeks. And for the few(you know who you are) that get you hair cut every 6 months or so, well....try to at least come in every 10-12 weeks. 

Also, don't forget to use your UV protectant on your hair this summer. Don't let those ends and color suffer. We just got an awesome UV protectant in from Keratase called Micro-Voile Protecteur in the Soleil line which I will be doing a review on shortly. This product is light weight and is a UV protectant for treating sun-exposed hair. Amazing right?

With that, whatever you might be up to this summer, don't forget to book your appointment with your hairstylist and go get some kind of UV protectant for those hot summer days. xo

Light, Silky Finishing Treatment for Sun-Exposed Hair