Day 28 Hair challenge

Thanks for checking out my hair blog! Can you believe I'm on day 28? Where has the time gone?! So today's look is a variation of the top bun. It's no secret that this style is super hot right now right now. I added a twist to mine to make it a bit different. 

This is my fishtail top bun. I really hope you like it. 

This style suits every kind of hair texture, but unfortunately if you don't have length past your collar bone you might not be able to pull it off. Why? Because you need some length to plait and twist into your bun. 

I used some dry shampoo today since I didn't wash it this morning. Thank goodness for this stuff!

Start with dry hair. If your hair is fine (like mine) add some spray gel or hairspray for texture.

Secure a top pony tail.

Start to add your fishtail plait.

Secure ends with a rubber band.

Here I massage the hair a little bit to let out some of the hair and give it some texture.

Wrap your fishtail braid around your ponytail.

Secure with bobbi pins

There you have it. A fishtail top bun.

I hope you like it! Stay tuned for the final two days of my 30 day hair challenge.

For my lips I used Costa Chic by MAC. This is my new favorite lip color. I'm seriously obsessed! Make today rad! xo
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