Day 22 Hair Challenge

Thanks for checking out my hair blog!! Today's look is a knotted side updo. Very simple yet very complicated looking. Here's a side view. I hope you like it.

Here's a view of the back. I love updo's that make people ask themselves "How did she do that?". This updo looks very complicated but is so simple.

I have very fine hair, so I started off with wavy hair for texture and a severe side part. It was styled out with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron.

Split your hair in half in the back.

Cross your sections.

Tie your hair in a big knot.

Work a few knots into your hair until you reach the ends and secure with a pony tail holder.

Pull knots to preferred side.

Secure with bobbi pins.

Any hair that's left out, continue working into knots. 

Continue knotting hair and secure with a rubber band at the end.

 Secure with bobbi pins

Back view.

Front view.

Side view.  I hope you like it! Thanks for checking out my hair blog!! xo

On my lips I'm wearing a drool worthy lip gloss in MAC's Creme Sheen glass line. It adds a stain of a color and I'm literally obsessed!  Its called colour saturation by MAC.  LOVE!!
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