Ammon Carver App Feature

A lot of people ask me where I get inspiration from to take the risks that I do, and its simple...I try to create content or projects based on what I feel like the beauty industry is lacking. If you checked out my Hair App post that you can find HERE you probably gathered that I launched my own educational hair app. Yup, and it wasn't easy but I couldn't be more stoked on it. I created it because I felt that there was a gap inside of digital hairstylist education so I invested my savings and simply went for it. 

The app is loaded with full length step by step tutorials from up styles, braids and haircutting.  But the best part of the app in my opinion, is that I feature a fellow hairstylist that is doing incredible thing in my industry and I want to help celebrate their craft. A few months ago I got to feature my dear friend Ammon Carver check him out HERE. He has turned into such a wonderful friend over the past coupe of years and I was honored that he was willing to share his passion with you all on my hair app. Below is a sneak peak into his exclusive interview and get this....he created a beautiful pony tutorial for you guys inside my educational app. Watch his video below and if you want to see more, make sure to download my app for 9.99 a month to get my education along with some go getters at your finger tips 24/7. You can find it HERE for iTunes and HERE for Google Play. 

Isn't Ammon the cutest? Make sure to check him out and download my app for more of Ammon and other amazing hairstylist.