Glam Seamless Extensions How To

With so many people wanting me to do tutorials on fine hair, I thought this would be a good time to show you how you can achieve fun styles even if your hair is fine and short! I've teamed up with Glam Seamless Hair Extensions to show you how you can easily achieve long lucious locks in a matter of minutes and curl the hair in a way that it on trend point. 

My model for this tutorial is Stephanie over at Snmakeup who has a short bob who was yearning for a fun change by easily adding some length and fullness to her fine locks. 

I first had some fun and colored my lite ash blonde Glam Seamless #60 . I used 2/0 in Schwarzkopf at the roots and then I mixed up a silver tone by using a whole tube of 10/87 with a ribbon of 2/0 by Schwarzkopf to create this beautiful on trend root shaded look.

After I was done coloring my Glam Seamless extensions it was time to go ahead and quickly secure them into Stephanie's hair. You do this by starting at the nape of the neck and create a soft U like section. 

After you have created your U like section, starting with your 3 clip extension you want to aggressively tease the section of hair that is going to be underneath your hair clip. Reason for this is that its going to help hold your extensions into place and I promise it will stay all day and night. 

Continue working up the head while firm securing all your hair wefts into place. I usually do from nape to the top working with the 3 clips weft, then the 2 fours putting the third one on top and keep the 2 clip wefts on each side. 

Since Stephanies hair is so short, its important that we blended out the hair extensions. You can do this by creating seamless layers by pulling the hair out at a 45 degree angle and slide cutting from the short layer to the ends of the extensions. 

To be totally on trend, we wanted to throw in some loose curls to Stephanies new glam seamless locks. We easily did this by curling the hair at the  mid-shaft of the hair, eased the hair through the hair tongs, and once the hair reached the ends, I released the tong. This created a gorgeous curl that looks effortless. 

Didn't they turn out awesome!?? Now, make sure to head over to  Glam Seamless Hair So you too can get full long hair that will immediately turn heads this fall. 

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