Stacked Dutch Braid

Ok, Ok….real confession if you haven't noticed that I am a HUGE sucker for braids! Ha! You probably already knew that one if you have been following me for awhile. With Instagram being a easy place to get "braid inspired" I felt that the new rage lately has been stacked braids. 

Stacked braids are when the braids are stacked on one another to create a multi braided look. They may look overly complicated, but guess what friends, they are so extremely easy to do no matter where your braiding skills might be.

In this video to create this look I used all label m products. I concentrated on using label m Protein Spray which helped even out her hairs porosity, their label m salt spray for a nice gritty texture, and Souffle to add definition and separation. Im obsessing about all these hair care products and know you will too!