6 must knows about Instagram Etiquette

I'm almost embarrassed to post about this topic as you would think everyone would already know about the proper IG picture etiquette. But as my account and some of my dearest blogger and/hairstylist friends accounts grow, it seems to me that a lot of people don't know the proper online etiquette. I put ALOT of work into creating hairstyles and most of you know my industry is booming with other beauty bloggers and hairstylist so naturally when people don't get recognized for their hard work that sets them a part it can be very frustrating, and applies for all artist not just beauty or hair gurus. So, todays blog post is on my Top 6 Instagram Etiquette tips. Enjoy!  

  1. Tag Rightful Owner -You would think this would be a no brainer, but unfortunately people don't realize that its proper if you tag the person you took their image from. Its common courtesy to politely give credit to whomever you took the picture from as well as all parties involved. Say you teamed up with a makeup artist, model or photographer…etc you want to make sure to tag all appropriate parties. And I don't mean just tag them in the picture, you need to do the whole @theconfessionsofhairstylist. I mean lets get real…who double taps to see where the original source came from. So just do whats right and tag the source.
  2. Taking credit-Look, we are in the age of inspirational photos being all over the web from Pinterest, Google, Instagram and Facebook, but if you have copied someones exact hair or makeup look, its a very nice gesture that you tag them and possible say this was inspired by @theconfessionsofahairstylist. As a hair blogger, I work really really hard to come up with new techniques and ideas so I love it when I inspire others. Also,if you tag and #confessionsofahairstylist I will highly likely re-post your work giving you 100% credit. 
  3. Hashtags-Hashtags are there for a reason. Please don't over use them for the heck of it or use them simply to #useahashtag. Do some a little bit of research on whatever hashtag you are wanting to use and see if it is a searchable tag. Or if you are trying to brand yourself, then I suggest making one up for yourself so that all of your work will be under a hashtag. Please don't get hashtag crazy! They have a purpose.
  4. Slamming others-Why are people so mean? Stop making fun of peoples work. You have no idea how much they have worked on the hairstyle or makeup look that you are making fun of. Its just another form of bullying and I'm getting really sick of it. No one likes to hear hurtful things whether its personal, about their work or even the clothes they are wearing. Can we all try to stop this please? 
  5. Stalkers or Fans?-This is just a personal one and will probably come off bitchy. Why do I have so many followers but not a lot of likers? The more my numbers increase my likes stay the same. Im starting to think I have people that just want to see what I'm up to. If you like any of my styles, do you wanna give me a high five? I work extremely hard to create styles literally day and night, give a sister a like every once and awhile.
  6. DM Messages-Look, I love it when fans say hello and show me a photo of their recreation of my work, but if you message me asking for a shout out I will most likely ignore you. I have never asked for a shout out and have a large following these days. Work like I did and keep posting great content and use the appropriate hashtag. If you replicate one of my styles #confessionsofahairstylist and I will highly consider reposting. I actually really love posting other peoples work. 

After reading my 6 must knows for IG etiquette if you have your own, please feel free to comment below. The online world can be such a tricky thing but I just want to let everyone know what I've been noticing over the past few months. I try really really hard to inspire people on a daily basis and sometimes I don't feel the love. Theres nothing worse than seeing my images all over IG and not getting the proper credit. We can all help this by commenting to that person requesting that the rightful owner gets credit and/or stick up for people when they have been bullied. Lets all pull together and help change this crazy social media world we live in. And if you're not following me on instagram, you should @theconfessionsofahairstylist

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