Flat Iron Waves on Short Hair

Its no secret that the long bob also know as the LOB has been a huge hit this year and seen on celebrities like Juliane Hough to Cameron Diaz. But what makes the trend even cooler is when you wear it in a tousled wavy style which some are calling a WOB. HA! I didn't come up with that name thats for sure! This tousled wavy style that I'm speaking of is when your hair is wavy but has an almost undone look to it. Today my friends, I bring you how I like to achieve flat iron waves on short hair so you can get a wavy Lob or Wob. 

I like to use a GHD flat iron when creating this look, but whats most important is the way you finish it. Product is everything in styles like this. So get the full scoop on how I like to style this do by watching my youtube video below. 

Jenny Strebe1 Comment