Twisted Updo

I'm not sure if you've caught wind, but lately I've been teaming up with some pretty amazing ladies! I live in the Phoenix area and I've been feeling so blessed because I've recently came across a lot of amazing local bloggers and creatives that I just had to reach out to!

Today's blog post is a collab I did with Lola from What Lola Lola calls herself a lifestyle blogger but if you were to see her adorable outfits she is always in, you would think she is a fashion blogger. Her fashion is always on point and when I came across her Instagram, I knew I wanted to reach out. 

Lola came into the salon with an adorable modern take on a 1930's inspired blouse paired brown slacks. After seeing her cute outfit I decided I wanted to do something soft, romantic yet really effortless looking. That's where I got the idea of the Twisted Updo. This style is really cute and doesn't take too much skill. Its one of those visual updos that you just have to run with. 

So check out my below YouTube tutorial and make sure to watch the video below.