The Hollywood Roll Tutorial


You guys, Scunci just sent me the most amazing head band ever! If you've been following me for awhile you may have came across my rolled updo with scarf video I did HERE, I just used a simple scarf for that one that I picked up at Forever 21 but the one I just discovered I wish I had months ago. Friends, I'm talking about the The Hollywood Roll by scrunch.

Why its so cool is that not only is it gorgeously decorated, the back where the elastic is has a hair pad attached. It is genius!!

The Hollywood Roll band works well with any type of hair but is a game changer for my female friends with fine hair. Reason for it is that the built in hair pad makes your hair appear even fuller and thicker than it actually is because the hair padding adds bulk. Again, genius!!

You can get one HERE, and you can follow my easy step by steps so you can achieve this hairstyle easily at home. 

  1. Start with slightly curled hair
  2. Apply your Scunci Hollywood Roll on dry hair.
  3. Starting on your right side of the head, take a piece of hair and drape up and over the rolled band pulling the ends of your hair through the other side of the band.
  4. Take that bit of hair, including a new piece of hair and drape up and over the rolled band again.
  5. Repeat this technique until you get the the middle of the back of your head.
  6. Repeat this same technique on your opposite side.
  7. Finish this look off by finishing it off with a medium hold hairspray to finish. 

Didn't it turn out lovely? Are you going to rock this hairstyle this holiday season?