Fredric Fekkai New Blowout Haircare

You guys! You know I get as giddy as a school girl when I get new product to try, and luckily for me Fredric Fekkai sent me their Fekkai Blowout line to test out. This product line has it all! I received the texurizer (which you already know I love) Primer, sealing serum, styling creme and last but not least their hair refresher aka dry shampoo!

Anytime I try products out I first bring them into the salon and try them on a few clients before bringing them into my home and giving them a go on myself. I know, sorry clients but you are all my official Guinea pigs. After a week or so of testing them on my clients I'll bring the product home and incorporate them into my daily hair routine. Since there were so many products to try in this line, Ill just go over one by one for you all and give you my professional opinion.

First of all, I started off with the Fekkai Primer. The primer is a product that you would put in your hair damp right before using a blow dryer or hot iron to it. My hair isn't very frizzy but its known to keep frizzy hair at bay. Since my hair is fairly fine, I only had to use a few sprays from roots to ends to get my locks fully saturated. This product worked really well on all types of hair and gave it a nice shine to the hair.

The next product I gave a go was the Fekkai Sealing Serum. The Sealing Serum is meant to smooth frizz and it did just that! I have fine textured hair so I was nervous that it would weigh it down, but luckily for me it didn't. I only used two pumps which was just enough to hydrate my locks. I used before I blow dried and then about a half a pump after for extra shine. If your hair is dry or extremely frizzy, I would recommend using a tad bit more of this product. You always want to make sure you saturate it without going overboard.

Now for my favorite product. If you've been following me for awhile you would probably know I like me some texturizers. Fekkais Texturizer was meant for hair like mine. I applied a generous amount in the palms of my hands from roots to ends and immediately blow dried in for some mega lift and texture.   My hair felt thicker without feeling tacky. Yup, pretty much in love with this one!

Another fav in this line was Fekkais Brilliant Glossing styling creme. This is pretty much a lotion for dull hair. This styling creme will give your hair loads of shine while leaving it with a soft a smooth texture. This product is meant for putting frizzy hair in its place but I found if I used a pea size amount it did great in my thin hair as well.

And last but not least I got to try out the Fekkai Hair Refresher aka Dry Shampoo. I've tried a lot of dry shampoos in my day, and while this one is just as good as them all. I have to say this is probably one of the best smelling dry shampoos out in the market.

So there you have it, my professional opinion on the Fekkai's new blowout line. I'm definitely loving the whole hair care line, but who are we kidding… know my favorite was the texurizer. Have you tried this product out yet? I would love to hear your thoughts.