Fiber Lash Review with SN Makeupartist

Why hello friends, today is a makeup post coming straight from my main makeup contributor and my dear friend Stephanie with SN Makeup Artist. We got approached to give this product a try and since Steph is the master of makeup, she was the one reviewing this fun product called Younique Fiber Lash today. So with out further ado Stephanie is taking this post away.

Many of you have heard of this fiber lash mascara. Many of you have tried it without help and found you couldn't quite grasp how this mascara really works and why its so awesome. Well I'm here to tell you all about it! Check out my YouTube video below for a tutorial and an explanation as to what this type of mascara is all about and what types of expectations you should have when using this product. Most of their products are organic and gluten free. The mascara should last about 3-4 months and for the price point thats pretty awesome if you ask me! It took me a few trys but after I used it I LOVED it. You can snag it HERE with beauty by Emily

 Emily was great on educating me on this product before I tried it and it helped me learn about how to use this product and get the best results. Definitely reach out to her for more info on this product and how you can get some of your own! I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel right HERE and connect with my on Instagram @snmakeupartist -Stephanie