Waynes World Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Waynes world…. party time….. EXCELLENT!! Hello Halloween time and fun hair and makeup tutorials like the one on Waynes World that I'm posting today. I have never EVER posted a fun video like this and I hope you all love it as much as we loved filming it. This Waynes World inspired Halloween costume was really easy to do and is hilarious! And make sure to watch it until the very end for some pretty funny bloopers.

The video below is a collaboration with my guest makeup artist Stephanie with SN Makeup Artist. In this Waynes World inspired makeup tutorial Stephanie shows you how to contour your face so that its more on the masculine side. It's actually really easy to do so make sure to watch her video below, subscribe to both of our YouTube channels you can subscribe to Stephanies HERE and make sure to watch Garths hair tutorial below.

So was that funny or what? I never said I was an actress and too be honest that was a really hard tutorial to do. Stephanie and I could not stop laughing. So now you know how to make yourself look a dude, make sure to watch the below video on how to get some killer Garth hair. I used fake bangs in this tutorial and a Sam Villa Texture Iron to get Garths wig like texture. After watching these videos you have to let me know what you think!! Will you be Wayne and Garth for Halloween? Party on!!