Master of Balayage Jay Olsen

Have you met Jay Olsen, a National artist painter for Loreal professional and owner of Bespoke salon yet? Jay is an up and coming hairstylist who you all have to check out! As an educator I know how its so important that I'm always sharpening my hairstylist skills in all areas of hair. I might be killer with the curling iron, but I'm rough around the edges with some of the newest coloring techniques. Yup, I said it….that's the real "confessions of a hairstylist" for ya! With that, I personally know how important it is to keep your skills fresh so the other day I took Loreals balayage class with the AZ master hair painter himself Jay Olsen.

Jay has been with Loreal Professional for 5 years and has been doing hair for 15. He recently opened the doors of his salon right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale called Bespoke. It was a pleasure to see him in action at Carstens Institute in Tempe, AZ.  Jay is a good looking, big tattooed dude that may appear to be intimidating to some, but after watching him paint delicately you immediately know you are watching true artistry at its finest.

During his demonstration he explained that his take on hair right now is less is more. The technique is quite simple, yet the end result packs a lot of punch. For the more advance hairstylist you can actually attend a more in depth training to his approach at an event he is hosting at his salon called Kill em with Color December 1st. Email Jay today to reserve your spot. And I highly recommend following him on Instagram and checking out his Facebook Fan page.