How To Cut Toddlers Hair

Wanna learn how to cut your sons bangs?  Because today I show you how I trimmed up my son Indys bangs. This is his first hair cut guys!! So he turned one a few months ago and I've been so excited to give him a little boy cut but wanted to wait until he turned one. So now that he is well past one, it was hair cut time. I wasn't ready to do the whole big boy hair cut and wanted to see what it would look like on the longer side so I ended up just trimming up his bangs and thought this was the perfect time to show you ladies how to cut your sons bangs where its not straight across and looks like a bowl.

For this technique, I used my Hattori Hanzo Shears, pulled the hair slightly to the opposite direction of how his hair parts and cut it at an angle instead of straight across. This is key ladies!! You notice in the fourth picture how I'm slightly cutting into his hair at an angle instead of parrell to his hair. This is called point cutting and this technique it going to allow his hair to look soft as it lays down instead of a heavy bowl cut. BAM, easy!!

I used Hot Tots Sweet Pea Serum which is and organic hair care product and he is wearing a shirt from one of my favorite online kids clothes companies called Indie Nook that if you have kiddos, you just have to check out!! And last but not least, I have to give my photography friend a shout out for helping me document his first hair cut. Amy with Amy Frances Photography took these amazing pics.

So now that you know how to trim you babes bangs yourself, lets all try to get rid of the dreadful baby boy bowl cut one by one. Ha!