3D Fiber lashes by Younique

Its been a good while since I've done any posts on makeup, but I recently came across some Mascara that is so worth talking about! One of my good friends Beth is actually a sweet mom friend of mine. Our babies are only a few weeks apart from one another and its been really fun seeing them grow at the same rate.

The other week she posted on Facebook about her new business called Younique. I was a little skeptical as I am with everything! But after I ordered her product and tried it out, I immediately fell in love.

The mascara I ordered is called Moonstruck. Its 3D fiber lashes that magnifies your own lashes. Its pretty crazy stuff I'm not going to lie. You apply it in two applications and it's far from your typical apply two coat mascara. You first apply the transplanting gel and then the second stage you actually apply natural fibers on top of the gel to help thicken your lashes.

What I am totally digging about this product is that it makes my lashes look thick and long naturally. My lashes don't look clumpy, they look soft and full.  I think the above pictures speak for themselves.
If you are in the market for a new alternative to mascara, then contact my friend Beth from Younique. It's pretty cool stuff.