New Beginnings

There is no better way to start a new beginning then by changing your hair. For the past 8 months I was simply retouching my roots with a Goldwell 8g and letting my light blonde grow out. It gave it a beautiful effect, but in my opinion it started looking a tad boring. I was retouching every few weeks because I was filming so much. So while I was in the salon the other day, I had Veronica take me a lot lighter and I am loving it!

During my hair tutorial film session today, I decided I wanted a little more flair to my hair so I added some yellow coloring by Rusk. I actually did a tutorial on how to use the Rush punky colors on my new YouTube channel and I had no idea that I was going to like yellow in my hair as much as I do. But I've been obsessing over it!! 

Yes, I said new YouTube. You know how I mentioned about a new beginning? Well, I quit my old YouTube channel and started my own. Why would I launch a new one you ask? To be 100 percent honest with you, I didn't own my last one or any of the content for that matter and I really feel like I need to own it. I appreciate what the channel did for me, but after a year of working along side them, its time for me to branch out. I know its only YouTube but it was a really emotional decision for me, but one I had to make. 

So, I ask all of my friends and followers to join me in my new beginning and SUBSCRIBE to my new YouTube channel for weekly hair love like the below picture of a hair tutorial I'll be releasing this week.