Aspiring Hairstylist Question

I really had to get out of my comfort zone for this video. I'm good at hair, not a motivational speaker. I'm hoping that the above video shed some light for some cosmetology students or new hairstylist that have tons of drive and want to know where to start with their hairdressing careers.

Right before I went live on this video, I had a little chat with my husband about how nervous I felt about releasing it. Being on the Internet is an interesting thing, I don't get nervous about doing my tutorials because I know I can do hair, but putting myself out there and letting the person I am possibly get judged was a tough one. And as weird as this sounds, with my blog and charity jewelry line Heart Yourself that's all about women empowerment and self love, I've been feeling more courageous and really embracing who I am.

Vlogging is something completely new to me, but I thought these types of videos might be fun and help push me out of my comfort zone. I think no one should stay comfortable for too long before starting something new. So please let me know what you guys think about these types of videos. And don't worry, I plan on doing my weekly hair tutorials as well.

So basically the above video is from a sweet viewer name Leigh Anne. She is going to Cosmetology school and wanted to know how I get involved in all that I do. I hope I answered your question Leigh Anne in my above video and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to get out of my shell.

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