Elsas hair from frozen

Yes, that is right- I'm posting about Elsa from Frozen which is a Disney cartoon character. Well, I'm not quite jumping on the Frozen hairstyle band wagon quite yet. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed watching it with my daughter Magnolia and we have the song "Let it Go" on repeat around my house. I will say that I do really love Elsa, I'm just not ready to do Disney cartoon hairstyles. 

But, luckily for all of my fans that have requested this fun hairstyle, Elsa's hair looked very similar to my Rachel Zoe's deconstructed braid didn't it? So for all you Elsa fans out there that don't want to look like a cartoon but want to look fashion forward, watch the video below.  

Wait, don't leave yet….I recently replicated Elsa's hair for reals. Check out the video below. x