Briogeo Natural Hair Care Review

Calling all ladies who love natural hair care as much as I do!!! One of the huge perks of being a hair blogger is that people send me fun products to try quite often, and what women isn't a sucker for some really fun hair swag. Well the other week Briogeo hair products sent me all sorts of goodies. When the packaging said "natural" I was all over it. For those who know me, I'm a pretty crunchy person in my day to day life, so I was immediately drawn to these hair goodies.

Since I have extremely limp fine hair,  I immediately was drawn to the Briogeo "Be Gentle, Be Kind" sulfate shampoo and the Blossum conditioner. This is Briogeo's thickening shampoo and conditioner. The packaging is simple, colorful yet modern. Apparently this product is jam packed with collagen to plump the cuticle, biotin to thicken the hair and a shine boosting argan and almond oil. Sounds amazeballs, so I gave it shot.

I poured a little in my hands and immediately was drawn to the sweet pleasant smell. I gave it a good lather and put it all over my hair. It didn't sud up as much as I like, but probably because its sulfate free shampoo. The conditioner was pretty concentrated so I didn't have to use much. Over all I think this is an awesome product! 

I do however feel since I have such chemically processed locks, that this shampoo isn't for me. I need something a little more heavy. Maybe next week I'll try their "Don't Despair Repair" hair masque.