Hairstylist shears for charity

Since I've launched my charity jewelery line, charity's in general have been on my mind. It's amazing by doing something as little as donating an extra dollar or two, on what it can do for someones life. You may have remembered my post on my big baller hairstylist shears by Hattori Hanzo . Well I am absolutely loving them, and it just so happens that Hattori Hanzo gives back for every old hairstylist shear that someone trades in for some Hattori Hanzo shears. This program is called The Trade.

Basically "The Trade" is a foundation that helps to restore victims of sex trafficking & abuse by teaching women how to cut and style hair. It's amazing because they teach them a trade that they can do anywhere.

The Trade was founded by the owners of Hattori Hanzo Shears John Klein and John McCarley. The idea came from a shear trade in program, where stylists could trade their old shears for a new pair of Hanzo's. After receiving so many "trade in" shears, Chris and Jon were approached by a friend who was visiting Nicaragua to teach women the art of hairstyling and needed scissors for his students. Apparently the Hanzo owners resharpened all of the old scissors and donated them to this man's mission, and the concept of the non profit was formed. So awesome right?

From there, it snowballed into the idea of sending their own teams on top of donating scissors to other non profits or even individuals with the same kind of goal. In August 2011, the first Trade volunteer team was assembled and went to the slums of Brazil where they spent 2 months teaching women the art of hairdressing, manicuring, makeup application, and salon business. This team also offered counseling services and built a salon where all of the graduating students could work.

 So why wouldn't you want to trade in your old hairstylist shears for some Hanzo's when you are knowing its doing some good in the world. I just love their story and I love their shears. So if you are in the market for some new shears and want to feel good about it, you defiantly need to check out their site HERE or call a product rep today.

Oh, and did I mention that they do payment plans same as cash? I don't know many company's that do that, and it really impresses me. Sometimes new hairstylist don't have the funds to spend on a proper pair of baller shears. So you can throw a little money down, and get a new pair today.