I'm bored with my hair jenny

I'm back at it this lovely Monday by answering your questions, this question is from an adorable new viewer named Vinaya. Below is what she emailed in.

Hey hey Jenny!  Firstly, Thank you for being so awesome! I only just found your website and I love your tutorials! I have a round face shape, so I know I'm not supposed to have a fringe. I did them when I was younger and they made me look even more like a child. I have had the same hair style for a really really long time now, and I want to break out of the routine. I used to experiment with my hair ALOT when I was a teenager, have dyed it and cut it and chopped it up in every way until I settled with the style I have now. I do want to grow it longer, and was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how to jazz it up someway? I've had boring bangs for a long long time now. Ir is there variation of a fringe that would go for me? Or any suggestions at all?  Thank you! Vinaya xxx

First of all, you are so cute! I'd stick with a long side swept fringe. You have a smaller forehead so you don't want to over power your forehead. The length I'd go for is an inch or two below your eyebrow and have it taper into the rest of your hair. 

It also looks like your hair is thick, I'd suggest adding some lite layers and have your stylist texture your hair all over. Texture will help thin your hair out as well as give it some more movement.  Also, throwing in some mocha highlights would jazz it up as well show off any layers in your hair.

 Vinaya, I  hope this helps and thanks so much for your question!

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