Receding Hairline Issues

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a blast over the weekend! I sure did! After working hard in the salon all day Saturday, my friend Efi and I went out. We randomly ended up at a fabulous drag show! It was marvelous but I'm still recouping. I'm getting old ladies!

I'm going to jump start my week off by answering your questions. I haven't done an ask Jenny post for awhile, and now it seems that everyone is emailing me their questions at once. Ha! That's how it always goes. Today's question is from my dear Internet friend/graphic designer Melanie with My Billie Here's what she emailed in:

My boyfriend is stuck in this "I love long bangs" phase, and on top of that straightens them because his hair is kind of wavy and he doesn't like the way it looks.. He has a receding hair line so he thinks his long bangs cover it up. He also thinks no one can tell that he straightens his hair. The fact that his bangs are longer emphasizes that his hair is thinning around the hairline, and I've told him this countless times before. Still, he loves his long bangs. The rest of his hair is really thick and has to be thinned out regularly. If he were to come to you what kind of style would you give him? He doesn't mind using product or styling tools as long as the products aren't ridiculously expensive. Thanks Jenny!!-Mel

Mel, you two are seriously the cutest! I love checking out your cute couples pics on Instagram. He is a good looking guy with a great head of hair. And you are totally right, a longer bang/fringe emphasizes his receding hairline.

Unfortunately, I can't put hair back on his head, but I can help with a few tips of advice. First of all I think a style with a lot of texture is key. I agree with him thinning/texurizing his hair. This will allow the hair to look like the same amount of thickness through out his hair. I think that if he took a couple of inches off around the fringe area, but leaving it a tad longer in front, not inches longer, it would look updated and not emphasize on the problem area. The texturizing on the sides and back with allow the receding area to not look as prominent.

As far as product goes, go for a matte paste. I like TIGI's molding paste in their S Factor line. It will help give definition, hold and the matte finish makes the hair appear thicker. It will run you $26 dollars and totally worth it!

As far as a style for goes, I say shorter. It looks really full on the sides, cutting it shorter everywhere will be more in style now. Not saying that he has to get it cut like the picture below, but I wanted to show you how he can still hide the receding area like the picture with a disheveled short hair cut. With that, whats really in for men is that old 50's "madmen" hair style. Which he could totally rock!

I really hope this helps you Melanie. Good luck, and let me know what you guys decide to do. 

Do you have a hair question you are dying to know? If so, please feel free to email me.