Product Review on Powder Bluff by Kerastase

So a couple of months ago Kerastase launched their Couture styling line, and while there are several products in the line that I'm loving, today I want to talk about one that I have especially fallen in love with. The product I'm talking about is Powder Bluff. Powder Bluff is a dry texturizing shampoo. 

This is by far my favorite dry shampoo at the moment. Believe it or not, Powder Bluff doesn't leave a white residue in the hair. That's right, no white roots!! Finally!! Women that are familiar with dry shampoos know exactly what I'm talking about. Most dry shampoos leave behind an embarrassing white residue. The idea behind dry shampoos, is that it soaks up any excess oil that your scalp may produce, allowing you to go a day or two longer in between shampoos. Amazing right?!!

Not only does Keratases Powder Bluff not leave a residue it smells delightful, adds texture to your hair and can be used as a bodifier which is great for all my fine haired female friends. 

I've been using this awesome product on myself and inside the salon a few different ways. Spray evenly throughout your hair, after you blow dry for extra body and umpf all over. This product will help give body to the hair by changing the texture to it. It actually helps coarsen it up a bit. I find it will even allow you to go a couple extra days in between shampoos if you spray a bit in before your hair is even dirty.

You can also spray it all over dirty hair or directly at the roots. This will help soak up any grease your hair has and make it look like it has a matte finish to it. 

I've also been using it for my Couture Styling for texture. Spray a little on a braid before you decide to rough your braid up, and it will give your loads of texture. LOVING it!! 

It will run you $36, but well worth the investment. You can get it through me if you are local, or order it online. You won't be disappointed! If you have no idea how to use it,  Click Here for a recent tutorial I did that included the how-to on dry shampoo.