Back To School Looks For Tots

This tutorial was so fun to do! Not only did my sweetheart Magnolia model for me, she modeled for Reachel Bagley from Cardigan Rachel styled little miss Magnolia, while I got to do 3 do's on my little one. Reachel's video is below, so don't forget to check it out! She shows you six outfits with six different wardrobe pieces. I must get all of these ensembles for my little girl!

I was inspired to do this tutorial, because everyday is a struggle to do my 2 1/2 year olds hair. She is a typical toddler and hates having her hair brushed. Doesn't she know mama has a reputation to uphold? I literally have two to three minutes a day to do her hair. Sometimes I only have time for a little side twist and then I'll secure it with an hair embellishment. 

So, today's tutorial is for you trendy mamas out there that want a few super quick ideas for your little ones hair. So if you have a wiggle worm, who doesn't like their hair done, this tutorial is for you!

What you will need for these hair styles:

Wet Brush which is the best detangling brush for everyone especially toddlers.
Sock Bun donut which should be a staple in every ones home.
Hair Elastics I love goody's no ouch elastics.

Blazer H&M
Top Forever 21
Accessories H&M
Lipstick Fashion Nomad by MAC