Featured Hairstylist Jocelyn Dechenne

From time to time I'd like to give a special shout out to other stylists in the industry who are pushing the limit with their passion for hairdressing. In my personal opinion, it's so important to always strive to be  better or want more than the average hairstylist. Hairdressers inspire other hairdressers, and that's what helps drive our industry. I've been very lucky to have known several fantastic hairdressers in my day, and can't wait to meet much more. Today, I would like to recognize Jocelyn Dechenne as an outstanding stylist.

Jocelyn is as beautiful inside as out, and her passion for hair is just as beautiful. I've gotten the amazing opportunity throughout the years to personally and professionally get to know this hair extraordinaire.  Jocelyn and I were both our salon's Educational Directors when we worked with Toni and Guy a number of years ago. Jocelyn then went on to open her own salon in California and now resides in Olympia, Washington where she works behind the chair as well as on location for events and weddings.  

Jocelyn is Toni and Guy trained and pulls inspiration from the classics with adding a modern element. Her experience includes being a salon owner, educator, on-stage platform artist, backstage stylist, director of fashion shows and community events. So she is definitely kicking some major ass in the hair world!

Jocelyn was ever so kind to answer a few of my questions I had for her. So here's a little Q & A for everyone.

Q.What inspired you to get into the hair industry?

As a little girl, I was fascinated with Tinkerbell nail polish and changing hairstyles. At the age of 16 I started beauty college and have been loving my "job" ever since.

 Q.What would be what inspires you most about what you do?

 The creativity of it all. One of my favorite stylists, Caren Trahan, taught me that there is a million ways to make chocolate chip cookies. I love how each client and stylist will interpret an image just a little bit differently, all in their own way.

Q. Do you have any favorite hairstyles at the moment?

 I'm in love with DEEP SIDE PARTS!!!

Q.What can a new client expect from you?

 My full attention. And I love to share what I'm doing, whether it be the technique I'm using or the products I'm applying.

Q. Do you have any hair icons?

 Maybe it's because I'm blonde, but I love me some good old fashioned Marilyn Monroe

So if you are in the Seattle/Olympia area and looking for a new stylist, I would highly recommend Jocelyn Miller as your stylist. You will not only get top notch customer service you will get a wonderful hair service as well. Wanting to contact Jocelyn? Connect with her below.

Do you have a hairstylist you would like to nominate to be one of The Confessions of a Hairstylists featured stylist? If so, feel free to email me at jennystrebe{at}hotmail.com