Runway Waves

To complete my "different ways to curl hair" series, here's a tutorial I did on runway waves. Now, I will say that there is a bit of a blooper in the beginning. Whoops!! Guess I'm just human, but its kind of funny. Yes, I'm human and I have moments where I get a little tongue tied. Especially because this was near the end of pregnancy and I was busting out videos left and right so that I could have new vid's every week for you all. Glad I won't have to cram like that again.

With that, I start filming again this week. Whoop, whoop!! I'll have fresh content for everyone to love and enjoy. Have a special celeb style you are wanting to know how the heck they achieved it? Well, comment below and I would love to replicate that look for you. I'm taking requests ladies and gentlemen, so speak up now or forever have your peace. ;)

Can't wait to share starting next week what I have in store!